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Pre-Algebra Course Overview:

Pre-Algebra is taken to prepare for high school math classes. Students can deepen their understanding of topics such as fractions, decimals, percents, mixed numbers, signed numbers, order of operations, evaluation of algebraic expressions, and solutions for linear equations with one unknown.

This live online pre-algebra course for homeschoolers begins with a critical understanding of arithmetic functions that allows students to transition to high school math classes. Students will have access to lesson videos for each topic as well as in-class time to answer questions and further explore content. Students will have frequent quizzes to assess learning and identify areas for further study.

Live Online Class

This online course is delivered entirely online using Adobe Connect for our live class meetings and Schoology for all other course interaction. This class contains synchronous (live) and asynchronous (anytime) components.

Live Class Excerpt

Assignment Overview

Students will have weekly assignments to complete and will be able to check their answers with an answer key. Four selected problems, each week, will be submitted for a grade. There will be quizzes periodically throughout the year. Additionally, students will take a test for each chapter in the textbook. Tests usually occur every ~2 weeks.

Pre-Algebra Readiness Assessment

If you are unsure whether Pre-Algebra is the best fit for your child, this placement test can help. If a student is able to correctly answer 40 of the 50 problems, they should be ready for Pre-Algebra. If not, it would be better to take the Middle School Math class.

Students should be able to correctly answer at least 40 of the 50 problems to go into Pre-Algebra.

Grade Levels

  • 7-8


  • None


Pre-Algebra Student Text - MyFunScience
Pre-Algebra Student Text

Syllabus Download

Course Outline

  • Ch.1 Integers (negative numbers)
  • Ch.2 Expressions
  • Ch.3 Basic Equations & Inequalities
  • Ch.4 Number Theory
  • Ch.5 Rational Numbers
  • Ch.6 Operations on Radical Numbers
  • Ch.7 Percents
  • Ch.8 Apply Equations & Inequalities
  • Ch.9 Relations & Functions
  • Ch.10 Statistics & Probability
  • Ch.11 Radicals
  • Ch.12 Geometry
  • Ch.13 Area & Volume
  • Ch.14 Polynomials

Course Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching Matthew this past semester. He really liked the class and learned to love math and not be afraid of algebra.

Thank you for your encouraging math class. My daughter has gained confidence and looks forward to attending class.

Thanks for doing all that you do. I’m so grateful for your teaching. Math is a HUGE battle for me and for Zack, but your classes make life a lot easier for us.

Thank you for choosing to teach homeschoolers. Thank you for putting God first and at the beginning of every class. Thank you for helping and encouraging my children in a subject that’s not their favorite. Thank you for being YOU. Tessa and Liam enjoyed every minute of class time and seemed to understand what you were teaching. You are definitely a teacher that makes a difference!

Elisabeth Rainey

Elisabeth Rainey grew up in South Carolina and always knew she wanted to be a teacher. In 1996, she graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Elementary Education. During her last year of college, she met her husband of 26 years. Since then, Elisabeth has been teaching and tutoring students for over 25 years. She has taught at various middle schools, homeschool co-ops, and taught math & science classes online. Applying her Christian faith, Mrs. Rainey strives to ensure that every student understands the topics covered in class.

Staying busy is her idea of fun. Her favorite activities include working in her garden, riding roller coasters with her family and finding new, and fun ways to present material to her students. Garner, NC has been her home since 2000 along with her husband and two active boys - ages 16 and 18.

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