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Biology Course Overview:

This class is approved by the NCAA.

Are you curious about eye color or the hair on your knuckles? We will learn about genetics! Are you curious about Anthrax or Ebola? We will discuss bacteria and viruses! Are you curious about life? We will understand cells – and what makes them tick! Are you curious about fall colors? We will explore photosynthesis!

This Biology course is intended for high school level students covering topics on life and biology including: Cells, taxonomy, scientific method, chemistry of biology, genetics, embryology, bacteria, viruses, creation vs. evolution, biosphere, photosynthesis, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, ecology, etc.

Students will learn and submit formal lab reports as assignments on labs chosen by the teacher. Labs will be graded. Students will perform labs at home with teacher direction as well as virtually – students will have required lab reports on these labs also. Importance will be placed on students’ understanding of scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and the resulting science lab reports.

This online course is delivered entirely online using Adobe Connect for our live class meetings and the Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) for all other course interaction. This class contains synchronous (live) and asynchronous (anytime) components.

“After taking Mrs. Barrieau’s engaging Biology course, my son, who was originally disinterested in science, decided to pursue a career in the medical field. The support for them as students, as well as for me as a parent, was outstanding. Mrs. Barrieau was available and responsive to any issues, concerns, or questions we had along the way. I would highly recommend this class.”

Honors Credit Option

  • An honors credit is available for this class. Please contact the teacher for more information.

Grade Levels

  • 9-12


  • None

Classroom Tour & Interview

Class Participation

Active participation is essential for maintaining the best learning environment. It is also a fun part of learning. Students are not required to attend the Biology classes live, but students who do are expected to engage with the teacher and with each other. Outside of live sessions, students are expected to log on and visit the class pages to see and contribute to new content, activities, or assignments. There, students may review class material, keep up-to-date on announcements and assignments, and verify that there have not been any changes to the class calendar and/or agenda.

Weekly assignments will be posted the Saturday before class for easy planning. The Internet may be used in the class to supplement course content and may be accessed by the teacher during live class lectures or by the student outside of live class meetings for general research or for additional information from such government, organizational, individual, or commercial sites that may be beneficial to learning. So, parental supervision and participation in the learning process is strongly encouraged.

Biology Curriculum

  • Science Shepherd Biology by Dr. Scott Hardin
    Either Edition Will Work
    – 3rd edition ISBN-13: 9780991636914
    – 2nd edition ISBN-13: 978-0982856840

Lab Manual

  • Labs are assigned in class

Required Equipment / Lab Kit

Download Biology Syllabus

Biology Course Outline

Fall Semester

  • Intro to Biology / Levels of Biology / Characteristics of Life
  • Scientific Method, Lab Reports
  • The Composition and Chemistry of Life
  • Basic Biochemistry of the Molecules of Life
  • Introduction to the Cell and Cell Membrane
  • The Cell Interior and Function
  • Metabolism Overview and Enzymes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cellular Respiration
  • DNA, RNA, and Proteins
  • Cell Reproduction: Mitosis
  • Organism Reproduction: Binary Fission, Budding, and Meiosis
  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Punnett Squares

Spring Semester

  • Pedigrees
  • Inheritance Patterns
  • Genetic Variations and Human Genetics
  • The Origin of Life and the Fossil Record
  • Evolution and Creation; Speciation and Adaptation
  • Biological Classification and Viruses
  • Kingdom Eubacteria and Archaebacteria
  • Kingdom Protista
  • Kingdom Fungi
  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Ecology
  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Human Body

Heather Barrieau

Heather Barrieau started off as a Biology major at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington but switched over to chemistry after her second year. She majored in Chemistry and earned a minor in Psychology.

She started her Masters in Teaching while working at Western in the Chemistry department as the Lab Coordinator where she taught general chemistry labs but later chose to stay home after her first year when her daughter was born. She also worked as a chemist at both Georgia Pacific and Alcoa Aluminum.

Heather moved to NE Ohio for 9 years for her husband's work and discovered homeschooling. She has been homeschooling her children since 2010 and graduated one in 2020. Heather currently resides in Colorado and stays busy with her husband of 20+ years (Shawn), 3 kids, and wonderful pets.

Heather started to teach online in 2016 and has always loved science and loves to seek the answer to the question Why am I learning this?" and "How can I use this in my life?" Her biggest desire is to see Christ and His miracles in everyday life.

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