Heather Barrieau

Heather Barrieau started off as a Biology major at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington but switched over to chemistry after her second year. She majored in Chemistry and earned a minor in Psychology.

She started her Masters in Teaching while working at Western in the Chemistry department as the Lab Coordinator where she taught general chemistry labs but later chose to stay home after her first year when her daughter was born. She also worked as a chemist at both Georgia Pacific and Alcoa Aluminum.

Heather moved to NE Ohio for 9 years for her husband’s work and discovered homeschooling. She has been homeschooling her children since 2010 and graduated one in 2020. Heather currently resides in Colorado and stays busy with her husband of 20+ years (Shawn), 3 kids, and wonderful pets.

Heather started to teach online in 2016 and has always loved science and loves to seek the answer to the question Why am I learning this?” and “How can I use this in my life?” Her biggest desire is to see Christ and His miracles in everyday life.


“Mrs. Barrieau does everything she can to help you succeed and makes the classes fun. If her class was a video game, it would be Minecraft. No matter how old you are or how many other games you have played, it is still the best.”

“Our family was looking for quality, personalized instruction in the high school science realm and we found it at MyFunScience with Mrs. Heather Barrieau!! The content was rigorous and challenging, and when my children finished Mrs. Barrieau’s courses, they were very well-prepared to succeed at the college-level.”

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