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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does our internet need to be to participate in online courses?

We recommend you have download speeds of at least 3-5 mbps and upload speeds of 1-2 mbps. You may experience delays every now and then during live sessions, but these speeds should be acceptable.

What happens if I miss a class?

Classes are recorded and posted for you to watch.

Will online classes work from a mobile or tablet?

Adobe Connect has a mobile app allowing you to attend live meetings. There are, however, some limitations including the student experience, chat windows, and possibly other interactive elements. It is recommended to use a Tablet/Mobile device only if your child cannot access a desktop (or laptop) for a particular course. Recordings must be viewed through a desktop computer at this time.

How do I get to my classes online?

Students get to their live online classrooms through their PowerSchool pages. Your teachers will send out a note and instructions about logging into PSL prior to the start of class.

How is communication conducted?

Each teacher uses the same tools (PowerSchool Learning (PSL) & Adobe Connect) and will communicate with you or your student via email. Your student is not required to have their own email address for general communication. However, if you choose to not provide a student email address, you will be responsible for managing communication that relates to your student(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Each student WILL need to have a unique email address (you may manage these) to create your students’ PowerSchool Learning account names. We will send more information on this later this year.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy

Refunds are offered until 90 days prior to the class start dates and includes a flat fee of $50. Within 90 days, our policy is to refund 50% of the course price paid until the class start date. After the class start date, there are no refunds offered. An exceptional personal circumstance may be considered and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Class Exchanges

You may contact us for exchanging one enrolled class for another for a $50 change fee. Exchanges are subject to availability.

Course Minimums

We must reserve the right to cancel and refund a course if the class minimums are not met. In this case, you will receive a 100% refund and will be notified as soon as possible to make other arrangements. While we do not expect this to be the norm, a 100% refund will be applied to your account, or you will be able to exchange a course for no additional charge.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We know it can be difficult to pay for all your classes up front so we offer the ability to pay monthly via a direct to PayPal subscription over a period of 6 months.

Please Note: There is a one time $35 set up fee for the plan (no matter how many courses you order). Once you receive the PayPal monthly payment plan you must pay the initial payment within 3 days to hold your seat reservation.

Simple Instructions: We’ve updated our cart to make it easy to request a payment plan.  Here are the quick instructions:
  • Select the course(s) you wish to reserve and click the “Enroll in this Course” button
  • Proceed to checkout as you would normally and then Click Request a Payment Plan radio button under the credit card options
  • This will reserve your seat(s) and then we will send you a custom processing invoice that shows the Total and then a separate PayPal monthly setup (which is really easy from there. Just follow PayPal’s instructions.)
  • This way the order is tracked and your seats reserved immediately.
  • you will be charged a monthly rate
  • If you have a special request please include that in the note area upon check out. We will work with you and look forward to seeing your student in our classes!

I have questions about content from a class. Who should I contact?

Each teacher has their own contact form on their respective page. If you have a course related question, please submit that form.

I am having technical troubles ordering from your site. Who should I contact?

Please send a message through our Customer Tech Support form if you are having difficulty with our site.

I have general questions about's offerings. Who should I contact?

Please submit a request through our contact form, and we will be sure to take care of your questions promptly.

If I miss your discounts in March, will you have more discounts?

We plan to offer an early bird discount and will have multiple coupons or specials from now until June, but none as good as the March 1st – March 15th discounts.

Will you be adding more courses in the coming months?

We are in talks with teachers for multiple new offerings in the coming months and will keep the site up to date. Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep informed.

How do you use our email and private information?

We do not sell your information – period. We use your contact information to provide teachers with a way to get your students set up for their course(s), to email you important business information, and to send you periodic updates. We will not spam you or use your information in ANY other way except conducting the work of informing YOU and educating your students through