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Live Online Homeschool STEM Courses for High School and Middle School students

Welcome to MyFunScience!

Our Beliefs - Homeschool from a Christian Perspective:

  • We believe a well rounded STEM curriculum is critical to each student’s success in school, college, and life.
  • Our future generations and future job markets require solution-oriented thinkersĀ and the skills provided by STEM training.
  • Working through science and math curriculums provide lifelong skills to enhance your student’s ability to deeply and richly engage in any academic and professional arena they choose!
Shawn & Heather Barrieau -
 MyFunScience.com Founders
Shawn & Heather Barrieau - MyFunScience.com Founders

Talented & Experienced Teachers

Our teachers have years of professional and teaching experience. Each of our teachers care deeply about making sure your student feels welcome to explore and discover. Our calling at MyFunScience.com is to create an environment where learning difficult subjects can be fun, engaging, and applicable to your child’s future!

Hearts for the Lord & Minds Full of Wonder!

Our teachers have hearts for the Lord as well as your children, and they aim to instruct the heart as well as the mind bringing God’s word into the class room as the sovereign creator God who is the Alpha and the Omega. We believe thatĀ our true God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is the author and perfecter of our faith. He is the creator of all the universe and all its vast mysteries, which he beckons us to discover and to glorify Him through our learning!

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. - Proverbs 25:2