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Welcome, and we are glad you are here! is a platform offering live online courses from talented and fun teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM).

Our Beliefs

  • We believe a well rounded STEM education is critical to each student’s success in school, college, and life.
  • Our future generations and the future job markets require solution-oriented thinkers and the skills STEM training provides.
  • Even if your student has passions and interests in other areas, working through disciplines in math and science provide lifelong skills that enhance your student’s ability to deeply and richly engage in any academic and professional arena they choose!

Our teacher team is passionate about bringing applicability and understanding to their areas of expertise. If you find you either lack the time, knowledge, or resources to comprehensively teach Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Pre Calculus or any number of our courses, we would like to be your partner in homeschooling.

Hearts for the Lord and Minds Full of Wonder!

Our teachers have hearts for the Lord as well as your children, and they aim to instruct the heart as well as the mind bringing God’s word into the class room as the sovereign creator God who is the Alpha and the Omega. We believe that our true God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is the author and perfecter of our faith. He is the creator of all the universe and all its vast mysteries, which he beckons us to discover and to glorify Him through our learning!

 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. – Proverbs 25:2

Our teachers have years of professional and teaching experience. Each of our teachers care deeply about making sure your student feels welcome to explore and discover. Our calling at is to create an environment where learning difficult subjects can be fun, engaging, and applicable to your child’s future!

Shawn & Heather Barrieau - Founders
Shawn & Heather Barrieau - Founders

We are so grateful to the Lord and to you, our parents and students for being a part of We aim to provide consistently wonderful support on your educational journey and pray for wisdom, patience, and the grace to carry on daily in your homeschooling and parenting. As homeschool parents, we know the challenges in raising God-fearing kids that also have access to the best education possible. We hope each and every course your student joins with us will be a memory for a lifetime and a serious part of their journey to becoming Godly young men and women. Smart, bold, strong and full of the Kings grace and wisdom.

To Him Be the Glory!

Shawn & Heather, Founders

We offer several options to engage with our teachers.

For Landry Friends & Families:

The closure of Landry was especially difficult on all the families and teachers involved, especially for those who invested heavily in multiple classes. As a result, we’ve made our courses as competitively priced as possible and added additional coupon discounts on Facebook. For some of you that lost a great deal, or if find yourselves simply benefiting from a payment plan, we are pleased to offer a 6 month payment plan (as per our FAQ page) to assist with getting you student’s education on the right path. We pray this is helpful, and welcome you to contact us with any questions.

Outsourced Talent for growing online academies 2017/2018:

If you are a growing online school, you can tap us to help. Our instructors are not locked into contracts that prevent them from augmenting your staff or even becoming part of your team. Contact us to learn more if you’d like to hire us, have your kids join one of our classes, or share other ideas.

Science Classes Direct from Teachers 2017/2018:

We offer a selection of fantastic S.T.E.M. classes direct from our talented teachers. See over 30 course sections available here!

STEM Tutoring:

If your student needs one-on-one help with science classes, let us help. Our instructors may have the bandwidth to help your student grow and learn through challenges they may be experiencing.