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MyFunScience offers a rich selection of math and science online courses taught live every week. Our courses provide middle school and high school homeschoolers with stellar teaching within a supportive environment prioritizing critical thinking skills. Our team of Christian teachers have years of experience in training for the mastery of their subject matter and striving to exemplify hearts for the Lord. Our live online classes are open to any homeschool family looking to supplement their STEM training.


Fantastic science classes for middle school and high school, taught live online in 15 week semesters.

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Algebra, Calculus, Geometry courses & more for middle school and high school homeschool students.

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Our teachers have a love of God, a passion for science and deep care for your children’s education.

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Offering live online STEM courses from talented and experienced teachers with a Christian perspective.

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Engaging Live Online Courses

  • Live online courses with video and audio
  • Classes are recorded and can be watched later.
  • Teachers are on camera during live online classes.
  • Teachers grade homework, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Classes are 90 minutes weekly
  • Monitored chat with teachers and fellow students
  • Fun quizzes & games
  • Powerpoint sessions with slides, video & audio
  • Office hours are available for extra help and questions.
STEM Club - MyFunScience

Introducing the MyFunScience STEM Club – Mission: The Future!

An exciting STEM Club that includes student connections, community experts, and monthly challenges with your student’s future in mind!

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