Elisabeth Rainey

Elisabeth Rainey grew up in South Carolina and always knew she wanted to be a teacher. In 1996, she graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Elementary Education. During her last year of college, she met her husband of 26 years. Since then, Elisabeth has been teaching and tutoring students for over 25 years. She has taught at various middle schools, homeschool co-ops, and taught math & science classes online. Applying her Christian faith, Mrs. Rainey strives to ensure that every student understands the topics covered in class.

Staying busy is her idea of fun. Her favorite activities include working in her garden, riding roller coasters with her family and finding new, and fun ways to present material to her students. Garner, NC has been her home since 2000 along with her husband and two active boys – ages 16 and 18.


Hi Mrs. Rainey!
I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome semester! You are an incredible teacher! You are so much fun, and when you explained things in class, I understood it perfectly. I have enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot. I am going to miss this class very much! I hope that I can be taught by you again sometime!
Thank you so much!

Hello, Mrs. Rainey. I am extremely sorry I could not make it to class this week. I wanted to say goodbye, and I certainly LOVED your course! Thank you.

Caitlyn- Colorado

Bye Thanks for an Amazing last Classs!!!!!!!!

Syed, ON
Thanks for this amazing course and class mrs.Rainey. I will miss this class. ;'(

I am so sad!!! 🙁

Canton B, KY
Bye! Thanks for a great course!

Caitlyn- Colorado
I will miss you and this class so much!!!

Thank you so much! You are a great teacher!!!

Sophie – IN
Thank you for class 🙂

Syeda, ON
Thank you for the class! This was a great course! I will really miss this class. Thank you so much for the class. Have a good day!

Nathan “Dalek” – AL
ill miss u

Caitlyn- Colorado
Thank you for the best class ever!

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