Trip Around the World: A Six-Language Adventure

Marji McIlvaine
Friday 1PM (ET) - Fall 2024


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A Foreign Language Survey Course

In the Trip Around the World class, your student will experience a taste of six languages and cultures, and touch on the geography and culture to go with them.

We will explore Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Arabic.

Your student will learn the same Scripture in each language, the chorus to “Jesus Loves Me”, how to count (at least from one to ten), the basic colors, as well as elements of the culture and the countries who speak that language.

For a few of the languages, students will hear, understand, and even create a short story in the target language. We will listen to music – hymns, worship songs, folk songs, silly songs … and students have the opportunity to learn them in the target language if they want (not required).

Spiritual Climates In Each Culture

We'll discuss and research the spiritual climates in each culture as well — what is the predominant faith? What is evangelism like for missionaries to this culture?

And we can't leave out the best part — we'll explore foods, recipes, and other ways to engage with the languages & cultures we study.

Students will read a book of their choice (book list provided – books can be from the library) from their choice of the cultures, and prepare one “culinary adventure” – making a meal for the family from one of the cultures we study.

With this kind of overview, your student has experience and knowledge on which to base his high school or college language choice.

Foreign language and culture study are part of developing your student's heart for missions as he sees the value and dignity of each people group God has created, as well as helping grow a desire to communicate the amazing truth of the Gospel to all nations.

Praise God for you desire to teach the next generation about His truths and sovereignty over ALL. We will be signing him up for next semester as well. (His request)

Trip Around the World Class Workload

The Trip Around the World course is more exploratory than academic and is designed to be a lighter academic load. Assignments should take about 1 hour per week. Students will research different cultural and geographical topics and give short oral reports (1-2 minutes) to teach the class about these aspects.

Students will be required to recite the Scripture in each of the languages, but memorization is not required – and the instructor will help as needed. At the end of the course, each student should be able to say (and understand) this Scripture in seven languages!

Required Materials

Working camera on computer and microphone

No text required, instructor provides all materials

Grade Level:

  • Middle school mostly, though high school students often enroll.

Marji McIlvaine

Marji McIlvaine (and her husband Rick) homeschooled their six children from K-12, even though she was just going to “try it for one year” with her first five-year-old. The children are all graduated and several are college graduates (2 Magna Cum Laude, 1 Summa Cum Laude). Some of the children are in college now, and some are in the work force, each one walking a God-directed pathway.

Marji has a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Florida, with graduate hours in linguistics and testing and assessment (ECU). Marji began her college career as a pre-veterinary major and garnered many college hours enjoying science.

Growing up in south Florida, she went to SeaCamp in the FL Keys where her passion for marine science was ignited through snorkeling, scuba diving and the hands-on study of ocean life.

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