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Physics Course Overview:

This class is approved by the NCAA.

Subatomic particles, planetary motion, even heat and energy can all be defined and explained through the study of natural processes and laws. This is the goal of physics: to understand and explain the workings of the universe.

This course which will cover mechanics, Newton’s laws, momentum, projectile and satellite motion, rotational motion, properties of matter, heat, thermodynamics, vibrations and waves, electrostatics, electromagnetic induction, reflection and refraction, light emission and quanta, atomic and nuclear physics, the atomic nucleus and radioactivity, fission and fusion, and special and general relativity.

Students will complete a minimum of six experiments as chosen by the teacher. An emphasis will be placed on students understanding scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and the resulting science lab reports.

Grade Levels

  • 11-12


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Physics Course Curriculum

Required Equipment

Tips for Student Success in Physics Class

Students who are fully present, work diligently, actively participate (either via live class attendance or watching recordings promptly and attentively), and consistently communicate will be the most successful.

Communication: Students who are unable to find something, are unable to remember instructions, are having trouble understanding, or are otherwise having difficulty engaging in the class should take every opportunity to communicate with the teacher. It is important to ask questions and keep an open line of communication about all class related activities for the best learning experience.

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Physics Syllabus Outline:

Fall Semester

  • Introduction to Physics, Module 1: Motion in One Dimension
  • Motion in One Dimension
  • One Dimensional Motion Equations and Free Fall
  • Two Dimensional Vectors
  • Motion in Two Dimensions
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Applications of Newton’s Second Law
  • Uniform Circular Motion and Gravity
  • Work and Energy

Spring Semester

  • Work and Energy
  • Momentum
  • Periodic Motion
  • Waves
  • Geometric Optics
  • Coulomb’s Law and the Electric Field
  • Electric Potential
  • Electric Circuits
  • Magnetism

Physics Course Review

“I enjoy Mr. Leingang as a teacher because he explains things so well. I want Leingang again for Physics. Make sure you sign me up for that class!” ~ Evan

Chris Leingang

The desire to be a teacher was birthed in Chris Leingang during his 8th grade year. After graduating high school, Chris entered college with that desire still burning inside. In 1996, Chris graduated from Portland State University with a B.S. in Science with an emphasis in Chemistry and Physics and then went on to graduate from Concordia University, Portland with an M.A.T. in Secondary Education in 1998.

Mr. Leingang's teaching experience spans both middle school and high school in both the private and public sector. He has had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of subjects including General Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Anatomy and American Government. Chris was later called into full-time Christian ministry with Lutheran Brethren Youth Ministries, where he led teams of young adults as they worked in church-planting and outreach.

Mr. Leingang's passion for teaching had not left but had been refocused on ministry, missiology and church leadership. As with most teachers, his passion for teaching is coupled with a passion for learning. Hence, it was no surprise, when in 2002, he enrolled in seminary.

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