Study Skills for Homeschoolers (Self-paced)

Melissa Lopez
Self-Paced Video Series



8 Part Video Series

Why students should take a Study Skills for Homeschoolers Course?

High school can be challenging for many students.

Students usually come prepared with the reading, writing and math skills necessary to do high school level work.

But some students have not yet discovered their own unique learning style or mastered the study skills for homeschoolers strategies needed to actually excel in high school.

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What will students learn in this class?

Good study skills can help students become more efficient and effective learners in high school and beyond.

In this STEM Study Skills class, students will learn to discover their own learning style in order to help them study smarter, learn test-taking techniques, improve memory, develop critical thinking skills, and set ambitious and reasonable goals.

This class is designed to allow each student to better understand themselves first. Then, through planning and preparation, they learn how to use that knowledge to propel them to academic excellence.

Prerecorded Video Series

For each class in this 8-Part Video Series, students will have a class video that explains the new content. Students should complete the follow-up activities after each class.

After students have watched all the recordings and completed all the follow-up activities, they should take the final exam.

Students and parents will have access to the key to grade the final exam once the final exam is complete.

The course videos are available to view from their MyFunScience Schoology account from any device, at any time, from anywhere.


Essential Study Skills, Sixth Edition by Linda Wong; ISBN: 9780547048710

Syllabus Outline

  • Learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • Note-taking and listening
  • Academic reading
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Stress and procrastination
  • Memory
  • Test taking and anxiety
  • Writing and critical thinking

Melissa Lopez

Melissa Lopez went to college at Baylor University where she studied biology and chemistry. Studying science at a Christian university allowed her to appreciate both God’s work in creation and His relationship with us. After college, Melissa worked in a medical research lab studying cancer targeting; then, God called her to teach. She taught in public schools for 9 years and has been teaching at local homeschool co-op for four years. It has been amazing to watch God create so many unique educational opportunities; online teaching is another way to teach for God and connect with students.

Melissa Lopez has been married to her husband for 14 years, and they currently live just outside of Dallas, Texas. They have three boys that they are currently homeschooling, so life at the Lopez house is never boring or quiet. Melissa Lopez is a member of Lakeshore Church in Rockwall, Texas. This year Melissa Lopez is looking forward to getting to know her students and helping them be as successful as they can be.

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