Angie Baer
Wednesday 1PM (ET) - Spring 2025



Pre-Biology Course Overview

Pre-Biology class topics include: Classification of Living Things, Cell Structure and Reproduction, DNA, RNA, Genetics, Microbiology, Using Microscopes, Plants/Botany, Germination, Photosynthesis, Pollination, Angiosperms, Human Anatomy & Physiology, The Animal Kingdom, Life Cycles, Evolution vs. Creation, Ecology.

Students will perform virtual and physical dissections. Students will create their own notebook containing their course work, worksheets and lab reports.

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Meet the Teacher

This video is a replay of a Facebook Live event with Angie Baer.

Technical Information

Students will need internet access to participate in the live online classes and to access the class pages online. A headset is preferred, but students will need working audio at a minimum for classes. You’ll want to ensure your computer is configured correctly to attend our live classes online or watch our class recordings.

Your Online Class

This online course is delivered entirely online using Adobe Connect for our live class meetings and Schoology for all other course interaction. This class contains synchronous (live) and asynchronous (anytime) components.

Synchronous: Classes will meet live for one weekly, 90-minute online session to include lecture, discussion, and assignments, and individual and collaborative activities in real time with the teacher and with classmates. While class attendance is not required, there will be assignments, activities, and quizzes held during class that failure to complete could have an impact on the final grade. Class participation and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with classmates is a significant part of ensuring that students get the most out of the virtual learning experience.

Asynchronous: In Schoology, class pages may be accessed anytime and will include summary information and recordings from live sessions for students who miss class or who would simply like to review a session. Students will also find announcements, links, assignments and grades, enrichment content, ongoing conversation via discussion boards and collaborative spaces, study helps and self-assessments, and other tools and information on class pages to facilitate class interaction and ease of use.

Grade Levels

  • 6-9


  • N/A

Required Course Materials

Two books are required from God’s Design for Life. Older versions are acceptable.

Other supplemental materials will be provided by the teacher. All students will need a composition notebook, colored pencils and scotch tape. A lab kit will need to be purchased for this course.

Syllabus Download

Pre-Biology Syllabus (PDF)

Class Outline and Topical Agenda

  • Introduction & Classification of Living Things
  • Microbiology & Cell Function
  • Germination & Plant Growth
  • Photosynthesis
  • Plant Reproduction
  • Unusual Plants
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Mammals
  • Birds, Amphibians
  • Reptiles, Fish
  • Arthropods
  • Other Invertebrates
  • Protists & Monerans
  • Genetics & Evolution vs. Creation
  • Ecology

Angie Baer

Angie Baer has an excitement for science that connects students to the joy of learning. Her hands-on approach to teaching, whether in the barn, the kitchen or the classroom, provides a unique experience for online learners. In addition to teaching her own children and in local co-ops, she has taught and given webinars in the online classroom for over 6 years.

Angie and her husband, Jeff, have been married for 26 years. They began homeschooling their 5 children 18 years ago and have successfully graduated 3 sons. They are partners on an 8-generation family dairy farm in northeast Ohio, milking 240 cows using robotic milkers. They live next door on a horse farm where they board and care for a dozen beautiful horses! Angie and her husband are both musicians who have a passion to build community and connect people with God’s goodness through worship.

When she’s not teaching, Angie enjoys raising animals, gardening, playing music, traveling and teenage style game nights.

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