Kendra Currey

Kendra Currey grew up in a family where both her parents were teachers. She loved how they taught and planted a love for learning inside her. After going through school and obtaining her paramedic certification, Kendra desired to help others understand Anatomy and Physiology in order to treat their patient’s properly.

She began teaching at the local Junior College and has been teaching there for 18 years. Kendra also enjoys teaching because it continues to helps her learn more. After working on the ambulance for 20 years, Kendra now has the opportunity to homeschool her children and teach online. She is passionate about anatomy and physiology and looks forward to helping your children learn about the miracle of life!

Kendra Currey is also very passionate about missions and helping others know our Creator. Studying Anatomy and Physiology allows us to really understand how creative God is, and she desires that creation science be taught to our children. Kendra chose this curriculum that brings God the Glory and will emphasize God’s creative touch when He created us as she teaches. She can’t make you love anatomy and physiology, but she desires to help you understand that you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made!

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