Tim Rice, D.Min, LPC

Tim Rice, D.Min., LPC spent 15 years working in community mental health in NW Georgia. Since 2007, through his textbooks and live classes, Dr. Tim Rice has introduced thousands of high school students to the study of the human mind and prepared them for psychology class in college.

Dr. Rice provides students a CLEP Test-level introduction to psychology. What’s different about this class is the worldview emphasis. In every psychology class, students learn about behaviorism, Freud, humanistic psychology, and now, evolutionary psychology. Dr. Rice’s goal is to help students recognize the worldview assumptions underlying psychology’s major theories and schools of thought.

Sometimes, psychology professors seek to undermine the Christian worldview, to use psychology to ridicule and attack faith. Some may think that the Christian worldview is silly. A goal of this class is to help students understand why it is not silly.

Dr. Rice’s goal is also to equip students to positively assert the Christian worldview as the most logical, internally consistent, and meaningful paradigm for understanding the big questions about the human mind. After all, it is God’s grandest creation.

Dr. Rice and his wife Tina (Tina mostly) homeschooled their four children throughout their education. Tina writes product reviews and the “About Our Cover” selection for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and is the Tie Dye Maven of TinasTieDye.com.

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"The thing that pleases me most is how it simulates classroom interaction rather than the students just sitting quietly in their living rooms listening to a canned presentation! You are able to respond to their questions and shift gears when you feel the need. . .COOL! My daughter is learning so much and really enjoying the Intro to Psychology class with you."
"I want to thank you again for teaching this class. My daughter has very much enjoyed it and has learned a lot about a topic we really haven't covered at home. I hope you will continue to offer this class and that by word of mouth, internet, or whatever, more people see that you are offering it and more people join you online."
"I wanted to take the time to tell you how thankful I am that (my daughter) is taking your class! It really was an answer to prayer."
It has exceeded my expectations.
"I am most impressed with how logically and clearly you take the students through the concepts. You are somehow objective while presenting a Christian worldview at the same time. So, it comes off much more credible in the eyes of a teen who is finding her way."
"Hello Tim, my daughter took an class online with you over a year ago. We have another daughter that may be interested in the class."
"I love the class. It's so interesting!"
"I also appreciate the feedback that you have give on her homework. I''m impressed that though this is not a writing course, you give such clear instruction and expectations, complete with rubric. I've seen far less from English Comp I instructors at our communitiy college where my older girls attended!"
"Well, I am duel-enrolled and taking PSYC1101. If I hadn't take your course last year I would be so lost in this class right now… please know that if I hadn't been introduced to this stuff then, I would be in alot of trouble now."
"I will definitely recommend this class to others in my area!"
"Thank you so much! I am very much enjoying this class. It's been awesome!!"
"Thanks so much! (My daughter) is enjoying your class in many ways. She talks to me often about what she is learning. I appreciate that you have an essay writing portion to the class. Your feedback is helping get her grow in confidence in this area. Thanks again for offering the class!"

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