Homeschool Co-op Partnerships

About our Homeschool Co-op Partnerships

MyFunScience offers unique homeschool co-op partnerships to middle school & high school homeschool co-ops or groups.

We recognize that science and math oriented subjects can sometimes be more challenging to teach in a group without subject matter expertise. Our homeschool co-op partnership brings our teachers’ expertise with your groups’ teachers and volunteer parents to provide additional dedicated online training for these Science and Math classes. Our programs are designed to come along side your group to enhance the values of learning together within the flexibility of the homeschool lifestyle.

We provide customized discounts for any of our homeschool co-op partnerships – helping your co-op bring the most value possible to your families.

Fill out the form below, and let’s start a conversation to see if we can meet your needs.

$95/student per semester (with a minimum of 5 students)
+ Co-op members will receive discounts when they enroll in classes individually.
*Any group of 5 or more students is considered a homeschool co-op.

Co-op Ready Classes

These are the live classes available for co-ops either as a co-op class (co-op director-graded) or for group discounts (teacher-graded).

  • High School Biology
  • High School Chemistry
  • Algebra 2
  • Economics
  • PreCalculus
  • Health Science
  • Life Skills & Family Science
  • Pre-Biology
  • Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology
  • Young Scientist Botany
  • Astronomy
  • Intro to Electricity

If you are interested in any other classes, please let us know, and we will discuss how we can accommodate you.

“This past fall (2017), I had the pleasure of partnering our co-op with MFS Young Scientists Anatomy and Physiology (ages 9-12 years old). The level of expertise brought into our co-op was extremely appreciated by many parents, and especially for those parents who are not strong in this area. The instructor was generously helpful in supplying the materials, as well as the instructions on when and what to do pertaining to the given weeks agenda. It was very easy for I, as the corresponding parent, to follow along, and the kids had a blast! I would most definitely take advantage of the exciting opportunity again for future courses and linking the expertise from qualified instructors to our co-op again!”

Tracy – Homestead Heritage Co-op

Co-op / Group Partnership Application

For more information, please complete the Co-op partnership Application below.

This form is intended to initialize a conversation and in no way obligates either party to any partnership. Approved Co-op partners are eligible for discounts or group classes taught by our instructors. All information is kept confidential.

We will reach out to discuss the next steps and opportunities. We appreciate your interest in partnering with!

Co-op / Group Partnership Application

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